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The Safety Assurance Services Team has worked in the defence sector since the company was founded and have held enabling contracts for specialist safety and environmental support to UK MoD for the last ten years.  We have conducted strategic studies of the way in which Safety Management should be conducted for UK Defence Equipment, covering both Procurement and in-service use and support, and developed Safety Management Systems at Corporate, Team and Project levels.


The SAS Team is entirely independent of equipment suppliers and therefore can provide demonstrably independent support, including in the Independent Safety Auditor and Independent Adviser roles.  Our understanding of both the MoD and supplier perspectives is important in ensuring that all work and advice is practical.


SAS has also experience of Safety for multinational defence equipment projects and those for other nations, including the USA, France, Sweden and Australia.  We therefore appreciate the different Standards and requirements that apply, and the ways in which existing analyses can be reused efficiently to comply with a different Standard. We have detailed experience of working to standards such as Def Stan 00-56, Def Stan 00-55, Mil Std 882, AS/NZS 4360, JSP430, JSP454, JSP520, JSP553, JSP815 and the MoD’s ASEMS (consisting of POSMS and POEMS).

The SAS Team has considerable experience in the provision of Safety and Dependability support to MoD and defence industry.  Some examples of previous projects in this area include: 

  • Support to MAA in the development of Regulatory Instruction on Aviation Safety Risk Management Process

  • Project-level Safety and Environmental System Audits for 15 Artillery Systems Projects (e.g. weapons, information systems, radars etc) and the Artillery ‘System of Systems’

  • Safety Case development for numerous military vehicles and weapon systems

  • Safety Case development for numerous military communications and information systems 



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