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Independent Safety Assurance & Audit  

System Audit is a key element of an effective Management System: it examines the functioning of the system, identifying good practice and highlighting areas for improvement.  Technical Audit can also examine the outputs, such as Hazard Identification and Analysis, to provide confidence in their quality and that they comply with relevant Standards, regulatory requirements and good practice.


Where the consequences of failure are severe, Duty Holders will often require assurance from independent parties.  The degree of independence required is specified in some Standards and Codes of Practice, to ensure that their findings are credible and unbiased.


The SAS Teamís ability to provide an effective Independent Safety Auditor (ISA) stems from our considerable experience in the implementation of Defence Standard 00-56 for new development and legacy systems.  The ISA can advise on the most suitable approach to particular safety programmes, based on experience with conducting Safety Cases, Safety Appraisals, knowledge of the requirements of the various JSP Instructions and the ALARP principle.


Safety Assurance Services have supported MoD by membership of their Safety Improvement Group and have recently led the work-stream on Independent Safety Audit.  We can support your organisation in areas such as:  

  • Development of ISA Plans and ISA Terms of Reference  

  • Planning and Conduct of Safety and Environmental Audits  

  • ISA review of Technical Documents (e.g. Safety Case Reports, Hazard Logs)  

  • Independent Safety and Environmental Analysis

  • Software Safety Audit

  • ISA membership of Safety Committee

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