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Safety Management Systems & Safety Planning

Organisations should have a systematic way of managing safety so that sources of possible harm resulting from their activities and products are identified, understood and controlled.  But the management system must be suitable for the nature of their business and the environments that they operate in.  Safety Management Systems should exist at different levels, from Corporate to Site or Business Unit to individual Project.  A key part of successful Safety Management is the development of Plans, with credible and robust programmes of activities and the resources to make them successful.


Safety Assurance Services have a detailed understanding of the legal and regulatory requirements for Safety Management Systems, and an appreciation of what makes such systems effective.  We can support your organisation in areas such as:

  • Development of new Safety Management Systems, including Technical Procedures for Safety Risk Management

  • Integration or alignment of Safety with Environmental Management

  • Safety Culture assessments and improvement

  • High Integrity Systems & Software

  • Safety Competence Management (definition, assessment and development)

  • Definition of Safety Management Performance Metrics

  • Safety Management benchmarking and improvement initiatives

  • Safety Planning

  • ALARP Justifications

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